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Estate consultants
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A real estate consultancy group dealing in Sale/ Purchase/ Leasing of Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Farm Lands and Lands for Hospitals & Hospitality Sectors.

Ours is an professional group, run by professionals. We are thorough in documentation & legal aspects of agreements & deals.The group has wide experience of successfully concluded deals in residential, commercial, industrial, farm properties in sale, purchase and leasing.
Our principal task is to recognise and understand the need of our client, to help him find suitable property, which suits to his requirement, and provide good value and professional service. We maintain confidentiality about buyer/seller who interact through us and conclude the deal at best market price in an absolute professional approach.

1.Through our experience, knowledge and expertise we locate perfect property, which meets your specific needs.
2.To fulfil that task we listen to you, we discuss, analyse and agree your needs. From our listings, we select, which best meet your requirements and do not waste your precious time by showing you properties that does not suit to your requirements.
3.If you wish to have furnished accommodation, we take care of complete Interior, furnishings, furniture, air-conditioning, false ceiling to coffee cups through reputed designer & architects.
4.Having found your property, we provide all the necessary paperwork, prepare lease or sale agreements in consultation with lawyers on our panel and deliver all documents to you.
5.We also deals in property management and give after sale services if required by clients.
6. We undertake collaboration agreements & development of the property in concurrence with the owner of the property.




1.You have to sign an agreement with us regarding reimbursement of 2.0% as service charges on total Sale / Purchase consideration in the proportion in which Payment is made by the seller and received by the buyer.


2.You have to reimburse expenses incurred on Transportation, Entrainment, lodging etc incurred over you.


3.We do not compromise on quality of the services rendered and our professional charges irrespective of the size and value of the deal.

4.We have curtailed our service charges so that you shall not complain while reimbursing charges as mentioned under clause 2. It is for your own comfort.
5.We believe in long, trustworthy and crystal clear relationship. We assure you that you will have one to one meeting with Buyer/Seller before entering into deal to evaluate individual credentials. Base work regarding evaluation of credentials of individual is undertaken at our level.

6. You have to pay us commission equivalent to one month rent from each party seperately at the time of signing of the lease deed for residential properties and two months rent as commission for commercial properties..








Registered Office :


  • C-3/162 Janakpuri
    New Delhi-110058

         Tel. No - 911141576048 (Telfax.)

         Mobile: 9910115747


E - Mail ID              :




On sale and purchase
1.5% from each party i.e., Seller and Buyer separately on total sale consideration, simultaneously in the proportion in which payment is made by the buyer to the seller.
On rental/ Lease 
Equivalent to one month rent from each party separately at the time of signing of the lease deed.
Collaboration agreements
2% of the total market value of the land as on the date of agreement (considered as base price) from each party i.e., owner & contractor, separately at the time of signing the collaboration agreement.