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Principles of Vaastu

 "Is Vaastu really a science? And why is there a sudden awareness and interest in Vaastu only in the past few years? How come it is the `in' thing today, is it just a fad or fashion?"

Well, the first mention of Vaastu is in the Sthapatya-sastra, one of upvedas subordinated to Atharava Veda. Vastu-sastra in its fullest exposition belongs to Tantra which is the applied knowledge of the Atharva-veda. subsequently one finds its reference in the holy epics of Ramayana (Sri Valmiki Ashram) and Mahabharata (Dwarka), an era when philosophy was a way of life. It was questioning and reasoning of philosophical thoughts or ideas that evolved various sciences as we are aware of today. Areas where logical explanation has yet not permeated, fall in the realm of mysticism. I personally think Vaastu is best described as a `Mystic Science' which can be compared to the human existence. Medical science has explored and explained various aspects of the human body but what still remains unexplained is the Soul. The principles of Vaastu are like the principles of the health of the body; the reasoning or logic behind the principles are like the unexplainable Soul.

Vaastu - A Magic?

The principal parameters which govern Vaastu diktats have evolved around natural phenomena; however any explanation about its varying intensity on different individuals remains a mystery. The mysticism prevails, otherwise we could have set formulas for becoming rich, healthy, happy, Presidents, Prime Ministers, actors, businessmen or whatever we wanted, hence, excitement or thrill would not have existed if we could just build a magical structure to fulfil all our fantasies and dreams.

The renewed interest in Vaastu over the past few years is also thought provoking. Is it liberalisation and global competition that has led to its revival; or is it the dawning of the Spiritual Era to which India has suddenly awakened and esoteric concepts like Reiki and Pranic Healing have also all emerged; or is it the placement of the planet Neptune that has aroused spirituality. The answer lies in your belief.

Therefore, an elemental understanding of Vaastu is essential before laying your belief system in it.


The Elements

Our existence on planet Earth can be attributed to a simple phenomenon of the natural cycle where water evaporates due to the solar heat and is transformed into clouds which announce their arrival by lighting and thunder unleashing rains, and rain water is recycled to support vegetation, as well as well as maintaining the water balance on Earth. To experience this cycle you require a mind and to acquire a mind you need life. If we analyse the native components of the Nature cycle we find water or rain is one, heat is second, evaporation or clouds is third, lighting and thunder is fourth, and the earth is the fifth. Taking a closer look we see that these are none other than the five universal elements of water, fire, air, space and earth which are the very attributes to form any expression that can be perceived by our sense organs for taste, sight, touch, sound and smell, (tongue, eyes, skin, ears and nose).


How Vaastu Works

It is interesting to note that an imbalance of these elements in the Nature cycle can create calamities like earthquakes, volcanoes, typhoons, tornados, floods or a famine, such an imbalance can cause physical, mental or emotional upheaval in one's life.

Vaastu diktats help in achieving harmony between external energies such as heat, light, sound and so on which we are constantly receiving from our surroundings and internal energies that are commonly routed through our diet, sleeping habits and above all our thought process. A dissonance in internal energies reflects on our physical experience but mental unrest. When the internal and external are balanced, health, wealth and happiness unfolds.

The layout of the house and the orientation of furniture play a vital role in receiving external energies. Following shall be the location of :underground water tank in the north-east, kitchen in the south-east, master bedroom in the south-west, the children's bedroom in the north-west and the drawing and dining areas towards the center of the house.

An obvious question evolving at this stage would be: if the rooms are not as per the configuration mentioned how does it affect the flow of energies?

Without getting into the nitty-gritty, if the antenna of your television set is not aligned to the relay station, how can you expect a clear picture? If you expand this concept to larger scale the tenets of Vaastu become perceptibly clearer. Elaborating further, when we sleep with our head towards the north, since, our head is considered the north of the body, there is repulsion between similar poles (Theory of Magnetism). The effect can be experienced physically as low or high blood pressure, insomnia, or a high level of cholesterol, signifying that our body is becoming vulnerable to minor blood disorders, which can be reduced by reversing the head position to the south.

To summaries one can say that by following the Ten Commandments of Vaastu we can utilise our optimal potential which leads us to harmony and success.





The main water source or a water feature should be towards the north-east.



The Kitchen, generator room, furnace or boiler should be towards the south-east.



The guestroom, store or children's bedroom should be towards the north-west.



The master bedroom, CEO's office should be towards the south-west.



The center should be light and airy.



There should be more open space towards the north and east as compared to the south and west.



The south and west floor levels should be higher than the north and east.



The south and west boundary wall should be higher than the north and east walls.



The entrance is preferred from the north or east.



You should sleep with your head towards the south and raise the headside by 3".





An imbalance of the elements in our living environment disturbs our energy centres or chakras. We feel stressed and tense while our energies are dissipated in different directions.




This element is connected with survival issue. An imbalance of this element like for example a depression in the South-West, a water source in the South-West or a situation wherein the South-West corner is cut off - can lead to a loss of control in your business, health or family.


WATER :-  


This element is for procreation. An imbalance - like the North-East direction being raised or being cut-off  - can restrict expansion plans in business (especially finances) as well as in the family.




This element is for vision and fame. An imbalance such as depression in the South-East or existence of a water source in the same direction can hinder prosperity and bring a bad name to the business and family. It can also create conflict.


AIR :-


This element is for feeling. An imbalance like a water source in the North-West, a depression in the North-West or the North-West direction becoming more elevated than the South-West can block the feelings of people towards you, your products and services as also increase your expenses.




This element is for internal strength. An imbalance like the centre of your establishment having a water source can cause you to loose your inner strength and your money.





When our peace of mind is disturbed, meditation creates positive energy and helps to accelerate the process of energy flow and the good effects of this are then felt in our lives.




        Financial Problems: Investigate the North-East of your house/office. Clean the clutter.

        Relationship Problems: Check the West and North-West of your house/office. Clear the junk and keep a photo of your loved one there.

        Health Problems: Check the East and South-East of your house/office, and keep a healthy plant there.

        Insecurity: Check the South and South-West of your house/office and have plenty of light in that area.

        Communication Problems: Check the centre of your house/office. If there is a wall and column here, hang a mirror on it.

One should start building a house only in the following months of Hindu calender.
  • Vaisakha
  • Sravana
  • Margasirsa
  • Pausa
  • Falguna

One should choose only the following dates of these months.

  • Dvitiya
  • Panchami
  • Saptami
  • Navami
  • Ekadasi
  • Trayodasi

Also one should consult one's Astrologer(Go To site or priest for other details regarding the Aya, Vyaya, Amsaka, Tara, Naksatra etc for the auspicious moment on a particular date.

Caste wise placing of house doors and Vastu doors in the following manner.

    Caste      Bhavandvara    Facing      Vastudvara    Facing

  1. Brahmana     "            to south         "             to east
  2. Ksatriya       "             to west          "             to south
  3. Vaisya         "             to north         "             to west
  4. Sudra          "             to east           "             to north.

  1. Never place a door in the middle of the house.
  2. No two doors should be exactly opposite to each other.
  3. Doors in the upper storey must confirm to the doors below.
  4. By lanes should not be on both the sides.